Inside out jacket and plastic bags on shoes were everybodys fassion choice when we painted Reebok's Crossfit tent in Moscow.
Snow, rain, darkness, I think we've expirienced it all during this project. But overall it was a solid team work and great result. We went as team St Petersburg, myself, Jayer, Roze, Salek, Retro and Trun.
I have also painted Rich Fronning on a side of a tent.
Near complete wall and crosfit class exercising in front of it. Below is the preview of a video from that day ans it is a bit offputing but behind it is a cool clip capturing the whole process!
One of events was held at the Museum of Street Art in St Petersburg. Photo by Liza Saiganova (
Photo by Liza Saiganova (
Below is a clip from that day.
Jamping back to Moscow, this was one of the toughest events, cold, rainy, challanging concept and chaotic organisation but dispite all of that I believe myself and Rerto have done a great job. Photo by Liza Saiganova (
Photo by Liza Saiganova (
Below is the vid showing both side of the 'pyramide'
The last event of winter 2014 was an indoor jam on canvases in Flacon art cluster, Moscow. Myself, Roof169, Bios, Truba and Trun have participated. Photo by Liza Saiganova (
Photo by Liza Saiganova (

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