This project was developed and executed by ARTMOSSPHERE and sponsored by TELE2 RUSSIA. Its title and theme - "30 Sides of You" was designed as an invitation for artist (and the viewer) to explore the subject freely. Some chose to visualize internal worlds and reflect on themselves, some chose viewers as the main subject and directed their work accordingly.

At each event around the country, 30 artists have presented their work.
An artist was given 2 days and 3 by 3 meter wall as a canvas.
I have decided to take on a somewhat different approach to this project.
I am not known to paint specific people in my works but this time with a given theme,
it seemed to me, that self-portrait is the best way to go. At the time I worked on a project
with fluorescent paint and blacklight. That setting helped me to set up a portrait for a future painting.
Being in Kazan city, a place of my distant heritage I knew I had to incorporate local visual elements.
Project organizers have offered all artist to incorporate unique mirror panels that could help expand the concept of each work or simply create interesting effects. I could not pass on the opportunity to experiment with new media and mirrors fitted nicely into my concept. “You look at me but see yourself” an idea of people subconsciously projecting themselves onto the person in front of them.

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